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6 min readNov 8, 2022

“You, my people, are probably not The Chosen — it might be some other group, so keep your eyes open…”

From time to time, we at CS will publish materials from around the world that appear to us to be especially intriguing or curious. This article, from the Emerald Endtimes, dated 1 Feb. 2015, matches that description. Whether it has any basis in fact is unclear, and the editors stress their own suspension of judgment.

A maverick prophet has shocked his flock this week by demanding that they do not see him as a prophet, and accept that, all things considered, they are probably not the Chosen Elect.

“No, I am not a prophet,” he thundered, “although I do appreciate your support and attention. Actually, if there is one message I want you to take from my teaching, it is that the elect are probably some other people or community.”

“Clearly, however, it isn’t us. We seem to pretty much share the same faults as any other groups you can learn about in history, including the tendency to assume we are special!”

The prophet’s shocking new direction has enflamed his impassioned flock.

One faction of ultras left the reclusive dessert community, swearing never to return. Another has decided that they should continue following “La-la”, as the Prophet is known, but they are not really sure what that means now.

Many told the Emerald Endtimes that they are simply confused as to what that “following” could any longer consist in, given the prophet’s radical new direction.

“Certainly, brothers and sisters, by all means, have faith that there probably is, was, or will be at some point an Elect community out there,” La-la has clarified his position: “Why not, if that helps?”

“The Cosmic All is Great, whatever His/Their names may be, and if naming is a meaningful gesture here, which I have to say is also interestingly unclear.”

“All love begins in gratitude, and love is in all probability the basis of the way, as far as I can tell … — whatever ‘the way’ might be ...”

“The point is that it is very, very difficult to know who or where the Elect are, how anyone would know that for…

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